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Rescator Dumps from Senator Rescator

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Dumps of Highest Quality and 40 million dumps database is updated on regular basis with pure freshness of dumps with city, state and zip code of the owner. Largest and biggest selection of dumps on the market. Daily updates with City, State and Zip.
  • We do not monitor, record or keep logs of anyone's IPs for customer security.
  • We've got the largest database of 40 million dumps and growing available on the market to this day. You're free to check any purchases made to find working bins. There are millions of dumps waiting to be cashed.
  • As always, we replace bad dumps. Make sure you read and understand Replacement Policy of the shop.
  • About 80% of dumps come together with the first track.
  • All dumps are of high quality and our database is updated with freshly skimmed dumps on regular basis. Also, shop features a fully automated crediting system via Western Union & Money Gram, Bitcoin, Webmoney & Cryptocheck.
USA Dumps Pricing
  •  Visa - Classic - $15
  •  Visa - Gold, Plat, Corp - $24
  •  MasterCard - Standard - $15
  •  MasterCard - World, Business - $24
Non-USA Dumps 101
  •  Visa Classic  MasterCard Standard - $65
  •  Visa Gold  MasterCard World - $85
  •  AMEX All - $75
Non-USA Dumps 201
  •  Visa Classic & MasterCard Standard - $40
  •  Visa Gold & MasterCard World - $60
  •  AMEX All - $45
Wholesale mix batch prices:
  • 50 dumps - $750
  • 100 dumps - $1.400
  • 250 dumps - $3.200
  • 500 dumps - $6.000
  • 1000 dumps - $11.000
Did you know that:
  • You can buy current month expiring dumps for as low as $0.50 cents a piece! That's an unbeatable offer. Check them for additional $0.14 cents If you like!
  • You can buy bins extremely sensitive to authorization requests (checks) for same $0.50 cents a piece and still check It for additional $0.14 cents at your choice!
  • You can have 15% discount by purchasing 100 dumps at once or 20% by purchasing 200 dumps or even get 30% discount for buying 300 dumps!
Replacement Policy:
If you are buying less than 20 cards default replacement time is 3 Hours
If you are replacing %0-10 of purchases from this base: 48 Hours
If you are replacing %11-15 of purchases from this base: 24 Hours
If you are replacing %16-25 of purchases from this base: 12 Hours
If you are replacing %26-35 of purchases from this base: 6 Hours
If you are replacing %36-50 of purchases from this base: 1 Hour
If you are replacing more than %50 of purchases from this base: No Replacements
Replacement time varies from base to base depending on It's valid rate. Exact replacement rules are available next to every base selected in search. Replacements are issued only inside the shop. Everything is automated and works on the fly.

Accepting Bitcoin, Webmoney, Cryptocheck, WU & MG are all automated. No logs, fully anonymous & secure - as usual.

 ICQs can always be found on the main page of the shop. Support through Ticketing System works 24/7
These are the ONLY official & genuine domains. All others are rippers!
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