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CvvUnion Welcome to Online CС Store

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Category: SELL CC/CVV
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  • Ticket max response time — 72h;
  • We do not guarantee balance on cc, AVS, only valid.
  • We do not give 100% guarantee for card holder info: address, city, state, zip, phone and etc... All cards are going from sniffers "as is".
  • If you buy cc and cc is not valid with our checker - you don't pay;
  • If card have "valid" or "time off" status – there is no money-back;
  • Charge for 1 check cc: dead — free, valid — 0.5$
  • If checker shows "Valid" it means checker blocked amount on cc (1-10$), this amount will not be refunded!
  • CC checking is available in 10 minutes. If you don't check card in 0-10 minutes, it gets status "time off". There is no money back from this status.
  • We have the right to setup or change check time for different bases.
  • We don't accept claims about checker as it's not our service;
  • We can block your account forever for offending, inadequate behavior of attempts of service work violation;
  • Upon here by registering You automatically agree with the rules stated above and You are introduced with it.
The Rules may be changed anytime without notification of members.
With all questions send ticket to support.
Follow the news. Good luck!

We accept Bitcoin / Litecoin

We made some changes to the shop algorithms. It will be convenient for you. 

1. The refund time for cards with "dead" status during checking at checker service of our shop. (We use Try2check).

For new users: 
- Registration for news users is free. 
- If you are a new user and put less than 30$ on balance - the refund time will be 1 hour. 

For regular users:
- if you put less than 30$ on balance - the refund time will be 1 hour. 
- if you put more than 50$ on balance - the refund time will be 30 minutes. 
- if you put more than 100$ on balance - the refund time will be 10 minutes. 
For clients who put more than 300$ on balance - everything works without changes. 

You are a client of shop and the total amount of money you put on balance is more than 100$.
You buy card, check it and get "dead" status. You will get money back on your balance in next 10 minutes. 
*** During calculating the time of refund the service considers the statistics of your purchases and activity at the shop.

2. The time to check the card:
Refund [0] - buy only with check / buy only without check
Refund [X] - buy without check / no return.
Refund [3/5/10] - minutes for check CC
Each card has its own time for checking. Look at it attentively.

You will not have any changes if you are a regular client and you have good statistics of purchases.
If the system suspects you of cheating - the time of refund can be changed automatically. 
If you came here for shop cheating or fraud - good luck. 
Please, be patient and understand our changes as we try to have high quality cc for regular real and fair clients. 

We will not block anybody but we'll change the time for refund for dead cards. 
Everything works automatically; all money will be refunded on your account. 

We wish you qualitative purchases!

At the main page of the shop you can see the real statistics of purchases for every day. News are updating. 
We show the common valid of total sales at the shop. We make fair business!
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